Supporting Musicians One Note at a Time: Celebrating Music with the Music Honor Society


Graphic by Viviana Munoz

Iris Lee, Staff Writer

   The world is overflowing with melody. The consistent whir of a computer, the repetitive taps of pencils, or even the mere thrum of a heartbeat, it seems as if everything is constructed with rhythm. For those who carry a tune within their hearts, PPCHS’s Music Honor Society is back and better than ever. 

   In today’s reality, the music community is frequently overlooked, overshadowed by the plethora of efforts needed to maintain prospering musicians. In some places, the financial obligations required to fund musicians are overwhelming, and in others, there simply aren’t opportunities for musicians to develop their skills. Nevertheless, the Tri-M Music Honor Society is determined to change reality. “The overall purpose for creating this club was to give students the opportunity to be recognized, and help the community through their musical abilities,” says Melina Pecci, senior president. 

   MHS was recently founded 2 years ago, and the beginning of the pandemic followed shortly after. Regardless of social distancing protocols restricting typical events, they have effectively adapted to the changing conditions, finding more efficient ways to partake in activities. The Tri-M Music Honor Society has already participated in extensive events, the most prominent being its DoReMi program and Hijos de Morán donation drive. 

   The DoReMi project is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to making music more accessible, and provide high school musicians with volunteer opportunities. Elementary and middle school students interested in learning instruments are paired with high school volunteers, and are provided with free online music support and supplemental lessons for technique. According to senior vice president Stephanie Manrique, “It was really useful during COVID because many previous instructors are part of the older generation, and zoom isn’t really their forte. So, for high schoolers to step in, it was really cool because lessons can be really expensive. It’s something I never personally had, and I wish I did, because it’s something that both students and mentors can take advantage of.”

   Along with the DoReMi project, MHS ran the Hijos de Morán donation drive. Just as how DoReMi was implemented to combat limited learning opportunities, the Hijos de Morán drive provided resources to those who don’t have access to them. The drive was a smashing success, and a large accumulation of music books, instruments, binders, pencils, and sheet protectors were donated to Venezuela. Stephanie Manrique expresses “With things like DoReMi, you get to see continuous progression and improvement. But for projects like Hijos de Morán, you get to see the immediate impact, and it’s really heartwarming to see. Before, these countries had nothing, and now they have an entire band. And now you can do something with that.”

   With the promise of a new school year, as well as the transition to in-person activity, MHS plans to maintain their DoReMi project, and is excited to begin new programs. “We’re trying to start a middle school tutoring program, which is basically like DoReMi, but fully operates in person. Think about it, these students who are going to an advanced band have never played an instrument in the classroom setting before, and just helping them catch up and tailor specific skills can really prove beneficial,” explains Stephanie. 

   Thanks to the consistent efforts of MHS, the strenuous efforts placed on musicians to access music education has been somewhat alleviated. However, MHS knows that there is still much work to be done. Stephanie expresses “Honestly, because TriM barely functioned in person last year, we only know online. It was pretty difficult to get adjusted and find opportunities like DoReMi. But, I think it led to more creative programs. It made us work a little harder, but I think it led to us participating in more cool things.” If MHS was able to accomplish so much during the pandemic, PPCHS is excited to see what more they have in store!