Jaguars Graduate: College Here they Come!

Valerie Questell, Club Editor

   Ding-dong! The charter bell has rung. As our students are getting accepted into their desired schools, the jaguars are leaving our safari and are moving ahead into a new habitat. Although many are planning to attend Florida schools, adventure awaits them wherever they may go. 

   These jaguars bring many talents and high quality attributes to the table. Charter’s mathletes and athletes make charter a targeted school for colleges. Seniors Madison Garcia and Leyla Molina have been accepted into universities that allow them to continue their academic paths while still enjoying the sports they love. Given the fact that these young women have been playing since they were little, continuing this victory is all they could ever dream of. 

   Madison Garcia: Lincoln University NCAA DIVISION 2 LEVEL

“The process was very stressful before I found Lincoln university but once I got there I felt like it was home. I was very happy to be able to commit and I’m hoping to make lifelong friends and excel in my studies when I get there.”

   Leyla Molina: Alabama A&M NCAA DIVISION 1 LEVEL

“The process for committing to college had to be one of the most stressful, but interesting experiences. It’s a tough process because being recruited isn’t easy. You have to be very on top of emailing coaches and keeping in touch with the ones that contact you. I’m grateful for being able to say I’m a d1 athlete because it’s a goal I wanted to accomplish and I did.”

   Here at Pines Charter, academics are prioritized by all students. These seniors have taken a step closer to continuing their academic careers in hopes for a brighter future. Whether it is close to home or thousands of miles away, Pines Charter will always be represented with great honor.


“The process was pretty grueling and tedious and has taken a span of years to fully come together. However, for my career path, it is not only essential I go through this process but very worth the years of effort as another milestone met in pursuit of my long-term goal. I know after finishing college and getting that job I’ve always wanted, I would not even think twice about the value of this undertaking and what it means to me and my family. As for some advice I would give to someone starting high school, it is crucial to talk to everyone that has gone, and is going through, the same process; remain consistent and do not for any reason become complacent, it is much easier to maintain your current status than it is to build it up from the bottom. Regarding my hopes for the future, I don’t have a single doubt in my being that I will not pass college and get that job I want, and the reason simply being that it’s what I want, and if I want something there is nothing that can come between me and my objective. In the end, I only wish to remain with my close friends, family and grow upon my current lifestyle.” 


“I was recently accepted into both FIU and NOVA. Both applications were pretty easy and just answering a few questions and submitting my transcripts. I was really excited to get into NOVA because I was awarded an $80,000 scholarship and that university just had amazing things for the medical field. I feel Nova will allow me to become an amazing doctor and quickly”

   Emily Martinez: FIU

“I got accepted to FIU and I have officially committed to going. I got into their nursing program and I am beyond excited to start attending next year and to learn about one of my passions. The process of applying was pretty painless and quick for me; I applied one day and got accepted the next. I am so thankful for the position I am in and I hope to be a nurse in the future and to help people through medicine.”

   Lily Mccormick: Penn State 

“I applied to Penn State in October and that was the school my heart has been set on going to. The wait was only a month but felt like forever. I found out that I got in while I was at school and it was the happiest I have ever been. I cannot wait to experience the football games as a student, walk the beautiful campus, and hopefully join the sports media team. It’s crazy to think that a year from now I’ll be a student there.”

   Nicole Sanchez: FIU and many more

“I have been accepted into 2 out of the 9 colleges I have/plan to apply to. Genuinely I am still in the process of finishing up the last applications. I was proudly accepted into FIU and FAU. The process was honestly pretty difficult, coming from a family where I am the first generation, I am learning the process as I go along. I am genuinely thankful to the school for being itself a college readiness school and handing out a variety of resources for the process. The length of it eventually leads to a loss of motivation but I would highly suggest to stay focused and not let it slide.”

   Success is in every student here at Pines Charter. Many are given opportunities to do what they wish in life. For our athletes, regardless of the level of competition, any opportunity is a great one and any division level is something to be proud of. But overall, hard work pays off!

    Good luck Charter Jags!