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Trisha Koch

Q: Why did you choose charter?

A: I chose charter because I love it! My 3 kids got to charter (all at AV campus) and I love the staff and students. 

Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: This is my 2nd year teaching as a full-time teacher.

Q: What made you become a teacher?

A: When I was a senior In high school, I had two amazing teachers who were really influential in developing my love for literature and history. I hope to pass along that love to my students.  

Q: Is there any other occupation you thought of before?

A: Yes! I owned my own photography boutique for 5 years specializing in teen portraiture. 

Q: Did any student ever impact you? 

A: My students have a tremendous impact on me. They shape how I teach, how I listen, how I interact with others. If I’m not learning from them I’m missing out on an opportunity to grow. 

Q: What are your hopes for this year?

A: I hope to rebuild relationships that may have suffered over the pandemic

Q: What school did you come from? 

A: East Campus!

Q: Where did you study? 

A: Oregon State University

Q: What makes you unique? 

A: I think my fascination for learning new things and trying new things makes me unique. For instance, I’ve always wanted to learn how to sail so this summer I signed myself up for classes and fell in love with it. 

Q: What’s something you want people to know about you? 

A: People should probably know I’m originally from Canada, sometimes my accent comes out – so if you hear me say “sorry” you’ll know why it sounds weird. 

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