Behind the Scenes: The Story of PPCHS’S Latin Dance Team Captain Jorge Munoz


Kimani Dodd, Opinions Editor

   For Jorge Munoz, the Latin dance team has always been like a family. When he first joined the team, he instantly noticed the family-like atmosphere. He originally joined the team because he wanted to do something with his sister but since then, it has turned into much more. It’s all about being a leader now and keeping the family alive. Jorge still remembers the first few practices of his freshman year. It was during this time that he realized his true passion for dancing, which he never noticed before. This inspired Jorge to work and improve his craft. His level of effort involves dancing alone in the mirror and working on every skill imaginable until it’s perfected. This dedication has shaped Jorge into the person he is today. He’s essentially a self-taught dancer. 

   Once Laisha Laracuente, the other Latin Dance captain, and Jorge Munoz found out they were the captains of the team this year, they began to set their sights on success. Their main goals for this year are to ensure that everyone is having fun, improving their dance skills, and doing as many performances as possible. Jorge believes that there is something special about nailing a performance and he wants every member to get an opportunity to experience it. 

   Outside of the Latin Dance team, Jorge is also the captain of the Public Forum debate team and VP of the Class of 2023 Student Council. His favorite part of leading all these organizations is that “it allows him to take criticism from everyone on how to become a better leader since they look up to him.”. However, music will always remain his number one priority/passion. Studying music, analyzing every beat or instrumental and finding a deeper meaning intrigues him and has allowed him to connect to Latin Dance profoundly. As for future plans, Jorge states “I’d like to be a teacher at Pines Charter right out of college and sponsor the club for a couple of years before getting my masters and doctorate degree and pursue a career in Psychiatry.”