La Semana De La Fiesta: A Closer Look to our Spanish Honor Society’s Spirit Week


Valerie Questell, Clubs Editor

   A time filled with unity and culture, flags and ribbons signifying each culture and ethnicity. Screams of pride and joy on our campus. A month put together in a week, passionately celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and embracing traditions. Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica: Charter’s Spanish Honor Society is holding its annual Hispanic Heritage Week, overflowed with 5 days of events.

   Every day of this event has an activity worth waiting for. From singing your heart out to your favorite reggaeton, to learning the moves. The activities vary day to day but all are eventful. The week will begin with sharing pride and culture by bringing your country’s flag. The week goes on by sharing activities such as guest speakers and karaoke. Jeannette Codrado, owner of JNET PR shares her experiences with top artists such as Elvis Crespo and Carlos Vives. After learning about the “behind the scenes”, Wednesday is the time to shine by singing along to your favorite Spanish music. President of SHS, Emily Martinez shares her perspective on next week: “I hope to see everyone expressing the Hispanic culture through all of our events. It is truly a beautiful culture and we can’t wait to share it with the entirety of the school!” Arts and crafts are also incorporated into this eventful week. Convert your country’s flag into a face mask and wear it with pride! 

   The Hispanic Heritage Week concludes with a Bachata class with Charter’s very own Latin Dance Team. Get ready for an exciting crossover: SHS x Latin Dance Team. Break a sweat while learning Charter’s favorite numbers!  “I’m excited for the efforts put forth by the Spanish National Honor Society in coordinating next week’s Hispanic Heritage week’s events.  Although I am the sponsor this year for SNHS, our President and Vice-President, Emily Martinez and Vanessa Garcia really run the show, and they have done a tremendous job organizing the club’s members in providing a great celebration of Hispanic Heritage.  It should be fun to see Latinos represent!” Behind this lively week, Mr Garcia, SHS Sponsor is proud of SHS’s presidents. A week like this uniting cultures; requires a tremendous amount of effort and passion.