Be a Leader Not a Follower


Alexandria Williams, Staff Writer

  What is leadership? There are many different definitions on this topic, leadership can mean that you are independent and can guide others. Leadership can mean that you can influence people who follow you. PPCHS has provided many clubs and organizations for students who would like to learn about leadership.

   The leaders of Tomorrow club run by Mr. Holland, a World History, and African American History teacher, who says that “This is a club that was designed to engage students to volunteer opportunities and workshops, that give them insight into what they want their future job to be. I also want the students to connect with working professionals so that they can help them connect with different career paths.” Mr.Holland was not the only person who led this club, but rather PPCHS graduate, Vincent Toranzo, was also said to have started the club back when he was a student here, while now in college using the leadership skills he learned in high school in his everyday life. This club offers a lot of skills that students can use in the future, such as helping increase employee engagement and teaching students effective ways to give feedback, motivate, and increase skill level.

   The SGA, which is run by Mr.Curry, explains that, “The Student Government Association is run and operated by students for students.  As a result, the members of SGA learn interpersonal skills, project management skills, marketing skills, effective communication skills, conflict resolution techniques, and how to make and use a budget.  In short, the SGA teaches students how to be leaders.” SGA is a great organization for students wanting to learn about leadership. SGA is for all grades and would look good on your transcript. Not only does he explain what it teaches, but he also states why he recommends this club. “I recommend SGA because the members of this club learn so many skills that are transferable to different situations later in life.  I have had alumni come back and tell me that there have been situations in college or post-college where they applied lessons that they learned while in SGA during high school.” Students who take a club like this can use this to their advantage when they are in college or if they get a job, applying these skills can also help you in your everyday life.

   Another fascinating club is the entrepreneurship club, which is sponsored by Ms. Louisy. Tyler Hilliard, a student at PPCHS who is apart of the entrepreneurship club, ever since he has been in this club he has learned alot about entrepreneurship states that, “Entrepreneurship club is about helping our students find their passion while providing an equal community of support and profitable lessons towards the end goal of financial freedom and multiple assets.” Entrepreneurship can be described in many words, but his definition was extraordinary; and though learning about entrepreneurship is hard, there are many entrepreneurs that are very wealthy today such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg. Tyler also describes what an entrepreneur is, “To be an entrepreneur you have to be constantly evolving, multitalented, problem solving, tenacious, brave, and so much more. I stress to club members that we are all entrepreneurs! You are not working towards being an entrepreneur but working towards being a better entrepreneur!” Entrepreneurship club is offering the chance for you to be the best and become successful in life, and one day maybe you will wake up and find yourself becoming a confident and self-assured entrepreneur.