The Time has Come: The New and Improved iPhone 13


Graphic by Megan Bilecki

Valerie Questell, Clubs Editor

   After fake releases and leaks, the new official iPhone 13 will be released September 24, 2021. 

  The wait is almost over and the new iPhone’s latest details are out. Now selling with a miniature version, the cameras have turned into a 45 degree angle; being able to capture a wider picture. These new lenses will now capture 47 percent more light for a better quality selfie and 94 percent higher for an iPhone Pro. For a more specific approach, cinematic mode is a new feature that creates depth effects and focus transitions. A video or picture that was too close or far can now be adjusted after taking it. A feature on every iPhone that is now refurbished: Smart HDR 4 now recognizes up to four different people in a scene. 

   In addition to cinematic mode, the remodeled battery life will now make movie making possible through an iphone. Battery life on the regular iPhone 13 has extended 2.5 hours, and the mini has been extended by 1.5 hours and with the new and improved “Game-changing Chip” has more to it than just photographic styles. The chip is now 50% faster than most competitors and 30% faster graphics. The fastest chip will be placed in the iPhone 13 Pro, leaving the question remaining, does the regular and mini also have a chip upgrade? The A15 Bionic processor (chip) will be placed in all iPhone 13 models. 

  Every year, critics and customers always have the same question. Is the new iPhone really worth it?  Some students in Charter could argue that the investment is worth it. Julianna Gonzalez, a senior here at charter, couldn’t agree more with Apple’s new release. “I’ve actually had the iPhone 7 for about 4-5 years now and it’s really slow. I’m interested in buying a new phone and I heard the iPhone 13 was coming out and it would be the perfect opportunity for me to upgrade.” Even after new releases, all iphones continue to share the same system updates. The iOS 15 is the newest update releasing September 20, 2021. But Julianna’s old phone may be affected by it; a slow iphone like hers may result in system malfunctions due to the new phones coming rapidly with newer systems. “I currently have one of the oldest iPhones, the SE, which isn’t even receiving software updates anymore. I really hope I can get the iPhone 13 for Christmas since it will also be easier for me to type, better camera quality, and I will be able to see stuff better with a bigger phone.” Ozzy Yanez, a Sophomore that has an even bigger problem than Julianna. The latest iOS update only being compatible with iPhone 6 and above, the new iPhone has released at the perfect time.

   Quite a few students had no clue a new iPhone was being released. Apple users share a common thought about new releases. Even if one was uninformed about this new release, customers’ expectations have risen. “I didn’t know that the iPhone 13 was coming out at all. I’ve had the iPhone 11 ever since it came out and since I love Apple I think the new phone’s features will be super cool. I’m super excited to see how they upgrade apps and such; especially Siri.” Freshman Jonathan Kim is a proud iPhone user and he is anticipating the new release, even with lack of information. 

   Charter could agree quickly that the new iPhone beholds a new exciting feature every year.  Apple customers will continue to have their expectations high for any Apple release, especially students from Charter. As the new iPhone releases, the new iOS update and airpods will soon come into the spotlight.