The Best Crossover movie, Spiderman: No Way Home  Preview


Joshua Lasarte, Enterprise Editor

   With two solo Spiderman movies under his belt, Tom Holland comes back as Peter Parker to complete his trilogy in Spiderman: No Way Home. After months of waiting and teasing, Marvel finally released a three minute trailer after a part of the trailer was leaked. This movie had been confirmed for over a year but in a rare move by Marvel head Kevin Feige, he chose to not release a trailer. Leaks and rumors gave this movie life and excitement like never before.

   The most polarizing part of the movie hype has been the idea of a multiverse within the Marvel cinematic universe.  This idea was alluded to in the previous Spiderman, Spiderman Far From Home, and now it was pretty much confirmed in the new trailer. Junior Nick Chavez said, “The trailer made the movie look insane, all the new characters are going to make a great movie.” In the trailer, Peter Parker asks Doctor Strange to perform a spell that would make everyone forget he is Spiderman after his identity was revealed in the previous movie. While Strange was conducting the spell, Peter distracted him causing Strange to mess up and ruin the flow of different universes. 

   After Peter ruined the spell, the trailer showed J. Jonah Jameson, Electro, and Doc-ock which confirms their appearance in the movie. Electro, who is played by Jamie Foxx, was the main villain in Amazing Spider Man 2, where he fought Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. J. Jonah Jameson will be played by J.K. Simmons who played the part in the original Spiderman trilogy with Tobey Macgurie. He was the head of the newspaper in the original movies, but now has a radio show that he used to oust Peter Parker as Spiderman in the last movie. In the final part of the trailer, an arm from Doc-ock appears on the screen as Alfred Molina appears on screen reprising his role from the original trilogy.

   On top of those who have been confirmed, many fans believe there is going to be more in the movie. In the trailer, a goblin bomb from the green goblin appears on screen confirming he will be in the movie, but it is not stated which actor will play him because there have been two actors who have held the role. Senior Cristian Klatt said, “Hearing Green Goblins laugh and seeing the original Doc-ock gave me an instant surge of nostalgia.” 

   Another fan theory is that Peter’s lawyer is actually Matt Murdock who goes by Daredevil. The lawyer turned vigilante had his own show on Netflix, but fans are hoping he is in the movie after seeing arms that resemble his. Other former villains that have been thrown into the rumor mill have been the Lizard, the Rhino, and Sandman all from the movies with Andrew Garfield. 

   The biggest rumor fans have had is that both of the former Spidermen, Tobey Macgurie and Andrew Garfield, will join Tom Holland in this movie. It is rumored that the three will team up to help Tom Holland clear his name and defeat all of his new enemies. Fans believe that in the trailer Doc-ock was actually speaking to Tobey Macguire and not Tom Holland. 

   In the other Spiderman series, Peter Parker has been in different stages of his life, but has never had an issue like this and has never had a movie close to this. Whoever Marvel decides to put in this movie and whatever their role might be, there is no doubt this will be one of the most insane Marvel movies ever released.