FSA: The End of a Testing Dilemma


Photo by Dylan Padron

Morgan Lind, Managing Editor

 The state of Florida, since 1998, has used FSA testing as a way for students to show the skills and knowledge learned throughout the school year, and dictates whether or not they move onto the next grade. But as of late 2021, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has stated that he plans on removing all FSA state testing, along with Common Core in order to create a new learning plan. With this new plan called, “F.A.S.T.”, students will be monitored on individual growth and skill rather than as a whole. Students have been taking state tests since they started school, and a variety of them gave their thoughts about this new take on testing (flgov.com).

   “I personally don’t enjoy them. I don’t like the idea of a big test that determines whether you pass.” – Freshman Mckenna Gregory

   “Ron DeSantis made a good decision for taking out the FSA exams. Growth monitoring can show how much progress kids make in the classroom. FSA’s do not prove if students are eligible to go to the next grade level. Not all kids are good test takers.” -Sophomore Sarah Schnell

   “A test score shouldn’t determine if a student can get into a class or not. Some students aren’t the best at taking exams, so it’s more important to evaluate their growth generally throughout the year.” – Junior Jessica Rodriguez

   “FSA testing isn’t something that’s an accurate representation of a student’s progress throughout the year. I feel that with it being discontinued it allows for students to have a better way of showing their knowledge while also not having to worry about a test determining if they will pass the grade or not.” -Junior Sofia Gallardo

   “I think this legislation is one of the few things that Ron DeSantis has done right in office. Growth monitoring seems to be much more effective and accessible to all students instead of testing, which I feel causes more harm than good.” -Senior David Garay