Sour Merch?: Olivia Rodrigo’s New Line Sweetly a Hit or Miss


Donated by Isabella Angel

Morgan Lind, Managing Editor

   For ages, musicians have created their own merchandise for fans to purchase in support of their musical projects. And while most turn out as expected, this can’t really be said by all for breakthrough artist Olivia Rodrigo’s new collection. Her debut album, Sour, released on May 21, 2021 quickly rose to number one on multiple charts, breaking the record for the biggest opening week for a female artist in Spotify history; and as her fame skyrocketed, she made appearances on shows like SNL, and performing for the BRITs.

   When conversing about merch ideas, and possible drop dates, fans were eager to get their hands on the artists Sour merch. Her “Sour Collection” was highly anticipated, and photographs of the new pieces went viral, with many praising the artists’ style. However, some issues were to come with its release, and for junior Isabella Angel, this was a risky chance to be taken.

   Soon after Rodrigo’s merch was released and fans had received their products, many had complaints of “catfishing” products that looked nothing like the website’s images. Circling around social media including TikTok, Instagram, and more, her line was becoming a hit or miss amongst the different items being sold; and for senior Isabella Angel this was a concern.

   Olivia Rodrigo’s merch site depicted many different kinds of products from lavender bucket hats, to sour sweatshirts, and Isabella was able to get her hands on some. Being a fan of the artist, Isabella decided to purchase “the sour earrings” that were similar to safety pins with beads spelling out the title of the album, and when waiting for the items to arrive, she was worried about the possibility of her newly bought earrings not being what was expected. Luckily when receiving her item “[hers] came just as advertised”, but for many Sour fans this wasn’t the case. Isabella states, “I saw a bunch of Tik Toks about the actual clothing that looked completely different from what was expected, but I’m glad to know that her merch team is refunding people and sending the product as advertised, and even sending extra free items!” Many people weren’t as lucky to receive their correctly advertised merch like Isabella, and even though they were being refunded it still leaves a reputation behind for being Rodrigo’s first merch release.