Charter Speaks: What’s your favorite class?


Graphic by Megan Ingram

Adam Abougendia, Sports Editor

   New faces and new teachers have arrived at Charter. The 2021-2022 school year is officially underway! It usually takes a while to get used to the new setting of high school, especially this year where we essentially have two sets of freshmen with the new class of 2025 and the sophomore class of 2024 who have never seen the campus before. Here are some takes on one of the most commonly asked questions by all students when schedules come out… What is your favorite class? 

   “I think my favorite class is Aice Global because it’s fun to learn about the different perspectives and opinions people have on subjects all around the world. It also helps me create more of an open mind to things I may not be accustomed to.” – Sophomore, Karina Claros 

   “My favorite class is Women Studies because it’s a course that really entices me as it is a new course. Ms. Alongi makes the class super fun and interesting. She’s one of my favorite teachers in the whole school and now she has a new course so I’m excited to see where this class goes.”  – Senior, Sophia Moreno

   “My favorite class at the moment is Physics with Invernizzi. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and she makes the class enjoyable. Plus I have a ton of friends in that class so it’s a great experience.” Junior, Braden Ronshausen

   “My favorite class is History with Opalka. He’s super cool and really nice. I have a couple of friends in that class too and he’s a basketball coach as well so we relate on certain topics and what not.” – Junior, Ryan Palelis

   “I think my favorite class is English because I have Ms.Rogers and she’s so sweet. I enjoy most of my classes but I’ve had Rogers for a couple of years and she’s my favorite teacher here at Charter.” – Senior, Mallak Ghali

   “My favorite class this year is probably World History because Mr. Holland is super laid back and the course is interesting. I have a couple of my friends here with me too so it’s a cool environment to learn in.” – Sophomore, Shiloh Corbie

   It’s pretty apparent, Charter students show plenty of diversity in terms of their favorite classes. Having a great time is a key part in a student’s everyday life and learning process. So, what’s your favorite class?