Ring in the New Future: Bell Ceremony



“Being on campus for the bell ceremony felt really nostalgic and not at all like stepping on campus again. It felt very refreshing to see staff and talk to teachers that I hadn’t seen in over a year. In the bell ceremony, seniors ring the bell four times, each time signifying a year of undergrad. I hope that the bell’s good luck rings true for my next four as I study history and philosophy.” -Mariana Colicchio

“The bell ringing ceremony was honestly such an amazing experience that I’m glad I was able to participate in. Everyone was so happy and joyous to see me continue a legacy and promise to make my mark on society. I’m going to the University of Miami to double major in political science and global business and double minor in quantitative economics and political economy. I plan on going to law school after undergrad at Umiami, and practice criminal and civil rights law. The bell ringing ceremony really assured me that all my hard work, late night and early morning study sessions, and constant cups of coffee paid off. I’m so excited for the future and I’m so glad that I was able to share such a memorable experience with family, teachers, and staff.” -Edward Williams

“I loved it so much! I’ve always wanted to ring the bell and it was a really cool experience. despite covid the process felt completely normal, I just had to wear gloves to ring the bell so I enjoyed the moment a lot! And of course seeing Mr. Bayer is always a pleasure!” -Emma Ciara

“It’s been really hard this year to be able to participate in typical senior traditions but thankfully I was able to sign up to ring the bell. I applied to a lot of schools but I was extremely blessed to get into the University of Florida where I will be attending in the fall. I was able to have my friends, family, and a couple of teachers there which made it extremely special.” -Alyssa Infante