What Newspaper Means To You: Profile on Paula Lillquist


Camila Escobar, STAFF WRITER

   Fascinated by breaking news, Senior Paula Lillquist always manages to get the scoop on the latest news trends. As a determined writer with an interest in news, she worked her way up to the editor of the news section and has only continued to grow from there. 

   Having special skills in writing, Paula’s English teacher recommended her to write for the newspaper. She said, “I joined newspaper in 11th grade which is super late but I honestly wasn’t even thinking about taking the class until my English teacher recommended me for it.” Even with a late start Paula quickly rose to the challenge and wrote her way to the editor position she holds today. Writing is special to Paula and throughout the years Newspaper has helped her realize her love for it even more. She developed her writing skills in ways she never imagined and even met some incredible people along the way. Having newspaper in person is something that definitely impacted Paula’s journey through the class. She said “I really liked being in person last year because everything just ran so smoothly. The best part was just talking to classmates and we would just bounce ideas off one another. I still find it crazy that I still haven’t seen anyone in the class in person for over a year.” Even though this year has been fully virtual, Paula still holds onto the memories that gave her a comforting feeling just one year ago and hopes that next year, the new wave of writers will get to experience the same atmosphere as she had once before. She leaves Newspaper with the hope that anyone who takes the class next year develops the same love and passion for writing as she does.