The Biggest Adaption You Will Make in Your Life

Sabrina Cruz, STAFF WRITER

   Transitioning from high school to college may be difficult at first, but as time goes on and we begin to adjust to a new environment, we will learn to balance things. It will be exciting and scary, however, take this as an opportunity to do amazing things, blossom out, and find your true self. This will be the biggest change in your life, but before you think about that, let’s think of the ways that can help prepare us.

   No matter how prepared we may be, that does not come without some struggles. For instance, some may be leaving home and even their friends, along with sharing a room with a total stranger. Definitely not the way you have been living your whole life. This may come as a shock for some while others are counting down the days.

   Moral support is a big help when going through your transition. “The dropout rate of college freshmen in the United States is a staggering 30%. Many colleges now have transition programs in place to help freshmen make a smooth transition and to try to lower the 30% dropout rate. Whether your school has a program to help you or not, think about what you, personally, can do to help ease yourself into this new lifestyle.” (EC) Think of ways you can help better yourself.

   You may be anxious about being in a new environment as well as meeting new people, having new responsibilities, and new opportunities. The college that you have chosen will be your home away from home. Senior Brenden Richardson states, “Going to college is a huge step towards my future, it will be what determines the rest of my life.” Like Brenden, you will be entering a new chapter of your life. 

   With new responsibilities that will take a toll on you, new resources will be needed. You must always be on top of your game. For example, study hard, make good use of your time, and never give up; it will all be worth it in the end. Senior Nicole Geribon states, “Going to college is the biggest adjustment I will have to make but it is what I have been working so hard for. I know I will do great things but that does not come without hardships.” Committing yourself to time management and effective study habits can help keep you at bay.

   Balancing your life is a huge need. You will now be independent meaning you are in charge of yourself, your laundry, when to go to sleep, keeping track of your meals, and so much more. It is crucial to maintain a sense of balance in your life. For example, keeping an agenda to make sure you never forget an assignment. According to (APU), “All of this happens while you’re making new friends and deciding who you want to be. These are some of the most rewarding aspects of the college experience—you and your peers are learning things about life, yourselves, and each other at the same time.” You may feel it difficult to juggle everything that’s expected of you.

   With all that being said, no matter how hard things can get, you must push and strive to be the best version of yourself. You made it this far, and now comes the rest of your life. Do not give up now, continue pursuing your dreams.