Biggest Lesson Seniors Learned in High School



Graphic by Kelvin Pinero

Trisha Villanueva, STAFF WRITER

   “I’d say the most important thing to take away from high school is the concept that you should participate in as many events as you can. You can meet people who are your forever friends or take pictures for everlasting memories! Most importantly, being a senior of the class of 2021 showed me that you should take any chance you can to go out there and be social because you never know when that opportunity will be taken from you. I’m grateful to have gone to charter with such a hands-on learning experience and people who push me to achieve and I truly appreciate what they have done to salvage my senior year for the class of 2021!” – Caitlyn Daniels

   “I think the biggest lesson (us) seniors learned in high school would be to not procrastinate on anything. Time management is key and it will save you time and stress when you might feel overwhelmed. College applications, homework assignments, and even extra credit assignments are all things that should be done relatively early. Don’t procrastinate!” – Kevin Orbegoso

   “Take advantage of all the opportunities you have for things that you think will help you. If you want to join a club, do it. If you want to apply for a scholarship or program, do it!! Don’t let a fear of rejection hold you back from anything because you never know when you’ll see an opportunity again.” – Isabelle Gonzalez 

   “Find the people you can laugh with about anything and that will make all the difference. Even if you’re going through difficult times in school, at work, or in life in general if you find those people I’m sure you’ll see that everything will be okay.” – Ivanna Milian

   “Never put off for tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” – Adriel Gonzalez

   “High school is a moment that is frozen in time that allows us to create memories, build both dreams and connections with a bridge leading to our futures. High school gives you the opportunity to explore your environment, to take chances, to find yourself, and inspire you to always put your best foot forward.” – Ashley Johnson

   “My biggest lesson that I learned as a senior would be that although mistakes can occur at any time and any place, you can continue to progress and grow from that mistake.” – Jazmine Parungao

   “If I had to say one thing that I learned in high school it is how to prepare for the future.” – Kyle Fuentes

   “The biggest lesson I learned in high school was to participate in school extracurriculars or sports. They became a huge part of my life which I only learned my junior year!” – Emma Caulfield

   “Always do what you want to do. Whether that’s taking a specific class or do something fun— at the end of the day it’s your experiences that shape you as a person. So don’t be afraid to do what you desire.” – Shannon Amor