Charter Reacts: Derek Chauvin’s Guilty on All Counts Verdict

Alan Mathew, Iris Lee, and Marko Barrera

“He got the verdict he deserved. While the murder was racially motivated, murder is still murder and as a police officer his job was to protect the citizens and not harm them. Even if George Floyd is gone, it brings us closer to ending police brutality.”

  • Freshman Nathan Josue


“I’m really glad to see that putting the trial into international scrutiny brought the change and justice we all desired, but this is how the legal system should work even without months and months of protest.” 

  • Sophomore Trinity Tang


“While I’m happy about the outcome, I hope people know Black Lives Matter and police brutality isn’t over. This [verdict] is great but think about all the other murderers who got off easy or didn’t even go to trial.” 

  • Senior Henry Severe