Elon Musk: Mad Genius or Just Genius?

Paula Lillquist, NEWS EDITOR

Many people have heard about Elon Musk and all his accomplishments from Paypal to Tesla to SpaceX. His genius persona raises the question: Is Elon Musk really a genius or just pure crazy?


I mean he is a genius but it’s possible that he’s too much of a futurist. Microchipping animals or people are really the only ways to test stuff like that, but safety and comfort should be prioritized. Mars is cool but there are more pressing matters that require the attention of the musk. Understanding our oceans and the deeper layers of the earth should probably be prioritized

  • Senior Javier Quiroz 


I think he’s a lot of genius and a little bit crazy. He’s like the real life Tony Stark. All these ambitious plans are really hard to even think about. But humans are naturally curious and we’re going to mars one day so I’d like it if it were during my time. It’s cool how he’s fearless of the unknown.

  • Sophomore Logan Mastrosimone


He’s honestly a genius with crazy, outlandish ambitions. I’m interested in seeing how much he’s capable of doing in the future.

  • Senior Arvin Saji


I think Elon Musk is a genius in some ways and pretty crazy in others. In a technological aspect with science and math, I feel like he is incredibly smart and has made some pretty impressive advancements. However, in a more social view, I feel like he is too smart and doesn’t really know how to act because his brain just runs on a different wavelength. his future plans are definitely out there for sure. I would say I am  against microchipping chimps as that crosses the boundary of animal cruelty. Occupying Mars is a pretty insane concept to think about, but I guess we’ll see what he does about it!

  • Freshman Abby Santos 


Elon Musk is a very smart person. I do feel as if he isn’t really focusing on the super on the super important issues right now. In society there are so many more science-centered issues that need to be addressed such as climate change and world hunger. But instead he is focusing on microchipping chimps and going to Mars. 


  • Junior Shravya Sareddy 


It is crazy how much power Elon Musk holds. He was able to build up his company from scratch with no handouts but just pure genius, he honestly a true inspiration to many younger people. He embodies the image of “nerds run the world.” 

  • Junior, Megan Lear