Top Ten Ways to Self Care

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High school students often have a lot on their plate: the pressure to do well in school, their extracurricular activities, and sometimes make their own money. Due to this, students often forgot to take time for themselves and their mental health. However, it’s important to always set aside some time for self-care. With that being said, here’s my top ten list of self care methods.


1.Do a yoga session. Yoga has tons of benefits such as: improving strength, helps with relaxation, decreasing stress, improving heart health and promotes sleep quality. 

2.Treat yourself. After working hard or accomplishing something major, you should take the time to treat yourself with something you enjoy. It can be an activity, food or maybe some flowers.

3.Take a social media detox. Social media is very enjoyable but it’s also very toxic. Lots of people compare themselves to other celebrities on social media which can be very bad and cause them to feel insecure. It’s crucial to take a break from social media sometimes and focus on your own growth.

4. Set time aside to exercise. Exercise not only helps you feel better emotionally but it also helps you to control your weight, reduces your risk for heart disease and helps your body to manage blood sugar and insulin levels.

5.Spend quality time with your friends and family. This one is one of my personal favorites. I find that whenever I spend quality time with my close friends, I’m at my happiest. It feels nice having people to relate to and people that you can trust.

6.Get out in nature. Nature is so beautiful, it’s essential to get out and what it has to offer. Additionally, it has tons of benefits such as: helping improve your memory, strengthening your immune system, improves your vitamin D supply, helps you concentrate and makes you feel happier.

7. Journal your thoughts and emotions. I used to journal my thoughts a few years ago and found it to be very therapeutic. Sometimes you need to just vent, but you’re afraid of being judged. If you feel this way, I would suggest journaling.

8. Learn a new hobby. Everyone is talented at something, you just have to devote time to figuring out what it is. If one particular thing doesn’t work, try a different hobby. Once you find that one particular hobby and get good at it, your self esteem will improve.

9.Take a bubble bath. This method helps you to sit back and relax about a long day. For me, it also helps me to reflect on my own choices and sometimes I come up with good ideas.

10.Take a nap. This one is another of my favorites. Naps just bring me to such a state of peace. While it’s good to be productive, you should also make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep. Sleeping allows for your brain to recharge and ultimately in the end, it prevents burnout and allows you to be more productive.