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Spotlight: Shannon Amor and the Johnson and Johnson Vaccination

April 28, 2021

   Staying safe during this pandemic has been a top concern for many people over the past year. With the introduction of the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson vaccines earlier this year, many have been rushing to get their vaccines and fight off COVID. However, as of earlier this month, there has been news regarding the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, stating that some of those who received it have been suffering from blood clots.

   Senior Shannon Amor is one of the many people who have received the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Shannon received her dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine over spring break. When asked why she received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine opposed to the Pfizer and Moderna options, Shannon says that the vaccine’s one dose requirement was what appealed to her.

   “I didn’t want to have to return to the Publix pharmacy twice, and I figured ‘just get one shot’ and then I’m done with it,” Shannon says. In addition, she also says that the two week wait for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to kick in was another reason that led her to choose getting the vaccine, “as opposed to waiting for Pfizer, which takes a couple more weeks.”

   With the sudden news of the blood clots that many people have received due to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, Shannon says that she didn’t really have much of a reaction. “Since I’ve had the vaccine for about a month [the news] wasn’t really bothering me. The only side effects I had was the night of, and it was just a really bad migraine.” Otherwise, Shannon has been feeling great!

   “I’m still confident in the vaccine and I feel that J&J was sufficient, at least for me,” Shannon says. In addition, Shannon would like to advise others to not worry too much if they recently got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. “It’s such a small percentage of individuals who end up having blood clots, but if it really feels concerning to you, attend your local pediatrician just to sort of ease that sense of mind, but I wouldn’t worry too much.

   Overall, Shannon is very proud to have received her Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and is glad to be fighting off COVID!

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