We Need Vaccines to Get Back to Normal


      On April 5th, Florida governor Ron DeSantis announced that every adult in the state would be able to receive their doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. People 16 and above would additionally be able to get the Pfizer vaccine, currently the only shot approved for those younger than 18. 

   However, that’s prone to change. Last week, Pfizer-BioNTech announced that their vaccine was 100% effective in a clinical trial for those ages 12-15, and that they were asking the FDA to expand emergency approval for these ages. If the vaccine were to be approved for this age group, vaccine availability increased, the track back to normal life would get ten times shorter. 

   But for this to happen, people need to cooperate, something that’s hard to expect in today’s social and political climate. It’s understandable to have doubts about the vaccine; of course, everyone should be doing their own research and making sure that they feel okay about getting the vaccine. But, we should also trust the scientists and researchers who have decades of experience, and have courageously stepped up to the challenge of healing the world, instead of believing conspiracy theories and dubious posts from Facebook groups. No matter what you may think, using essential oils and eating fermented foods will not protect against COVID-19. 

   The same people who complained about wearing masks and staying home will probably complain about efforts to get people vaccinated, which is frustrating. Instead of taking a few small steps to protect themselves and others, who could have a much higher chance of dying if they catch the coronavirus, they feel the need to be selfish and insensitive. These people who have complained that we need to “open up the schools” and potentially risk elderly teachers’ lives, must take initiative and get vaccinated, as well as get their children vaccinated.

   If you want school, sports games, and concerts to return, you need to participate in efforts to bring the pandemic to an end. If you’re 16 and older, please, try and get an appointment to get vaccinated. As for 12-15 year olds, if or when the Pfizer vaccine gets approved for the age group, middle and high schools will have higher chances of opening up, and teenagers will be able to have one huge part of their lives back again. But for this to happen, we need cooperation; enough teens must get vaccinated. 

   So if you want life to go back to normal, do the things that will help life get back to normal. I know for some people it sounds hard, but please just take the proper precautions, which are easy but have the potential to save lives. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Get vaccinated. As vaccination centers open, and eligibility increases, please do your part.