Recap: What Biden Campaign Promises Were Held Up?


As the new year rolled in and the 46th President of the United States was inaugurated, there have been constant changes regarding orders that President Trump previously put into place, and many are wondering if Biden will keep his campaign promises during his current presidency at the same time. 

President Biden has now been in office for about three months and has already reversed a significant majority of orders that were put into place during the Trump presidency. Biden started off his presidential run the first day by giving an executive order rejoining the Paris Agreement that was withdrawn during 2017 by Trump. This agreement allows for the United States to be involved in actively trying to curb emissions causing global warming. He also made executive orders to promote racial equity, and ended the “Muslim Ban” which prevented certain refugees from being able to enter into the United States. 

Throughout the next few weeks, Biden signed as many orders as he could that would reverse Trump’s old orders that Biden’s campaign does not support. One that was talked about a lot was Biden’s repeal of the transgender ban from the military that had originaly been put into place during the 1960’s, which allowed any transgender individual to join the military. This repeal was something that was significant and that many were fighting for for years. 

Biden’s presidential term has a long way to go, and people are still hoping for more changes and orders that will help out everyone across the country. For junior Hansini Koppolu, the promises that Biden made during his campaign were important. “It’s a big deal that some things haven’t been addressed yet, and even though it’s only been a few months, there are still significant issues that need to be addressed.” 

  Biden has recently had his Covid relief plan approved by the House of Representatives, which stated for a $1400 stimulus check for citizens across the country. It has now been passed by Congress and put into law, having been signed by Biden as of yesterday. A stimulus package hasn’t been administered since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected many, not allowing some to be able to afford to live in their homes anymore, for example. 

  Junior Megan Lear expressed her opinion on the stimulus by stating, “It’s important for everyone to be able to financially uphold themselves during this pandemic, and with this stimulus people will finally be able to do so.” 

  This stimulus check is something that has been long awaited since Covid has drastically changed the country, and with Biden’s new Covid relief plan, people are now more able to take care of themselves and afford daily necessities such as a roof under their heads.