The Boys are Back in Town


   With their season last year cut short, the boys volleyball team is back. With many new faces and returning stars, the volleyball team is set to start their much awaited season.

   Returning stars such as team captain, Gabriel Bautista (11th Grade), and returning super-star, Sergio Marrero (11th Grade), have brought some skill and leadership to the team. Not to mention there have been many underclassmen that have shown potential. Marko Barrera and Zack Castro, both sophomores, have shown that they can lead this team in the future with their great skill and work ethic. Zack Castro shares his opinion on the team and the capability it has: “ I think we can really surprise people and upset some schools. We have the potential, all we need to do is just put in the work and effort. I am looking forward to seeing how this season goes and work from there.”

   With only one week of practice as a team, they entered their first game of the season with little experience against a very strong Western team. They lost the game, losing all three sets and had to move on from their defeat. Their next two games were against Cypress Bay and McArthur, both very challenging opponents. 

   Unfortunately, the team were not able to bounce back from their first loss as they lost both games back to back. Despite these losses, the team still showed the potential that they have as they worked hard to keep both games in reach. However, there are many players who are new to the game and need more experience and practice. 

   A surprising star in the making, Josh Carmona, who stands at 6 feet 5 inches has been an important addition to the team as he has past experience from being on the volleyball team in middle school. With his great height and long arms, he has been an outstanding blocker for the team and seems like he will be a core player for the next four years. He shares his thoughts on the team and their unwanted start of the season: “ I feel like this team can turn this season around. We all want to win and I think if we put in the effort we can do just that. Many of us are still learning, but I have confidence that we can win some games in the future.” 

   Their next two games are next week as they face Flanagan on Tuesday and West Broward on Wednesday. The team took this whole week to practice and prepare for the two next big games that they have.  

   There is no doubt that these boys will put in everything they got to try to win these next two games and turn their record around.