Mackenzie Ahearn Leads the Way to the Yearbook


Graphic by: Dominick Zarcadoolas

Savannah Searcy, STAFF WRITER

   Every school year, many of the students at PPCHS can’t wait to get their yearbook. Being able to flip through the pages and relive all of their school memories is such a pleasure for many. With the challenges that came with the past year, our yearbook staff has been working exceptionally hard to create the 2020-2021 school year yearbook.

   Senior Mackenzie Ahearn, the Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook staff, says that creating the yearbook this year was a little rough, to say the least.

   “It was nothing that I had prepared for in my three years of journalism and yearbook,” Mackenzie says. “It was a new challenge we had never faced before.”

   Luckily, Mackenzie had the rest of the staff to help along the way. “The new people were very open, very easy to get to know, and very good to work with.”

   When asked her feelings about the potential reactions of this year’s yearbook, Mackenzie says that she believes students are really going to enjoy it.

   “It’s different from years’ pasts, but it’s still the same in a way,” Mackenzie says. “I think that everyone will like it. [The book] is one of the only normal things that has happened this year.”

   Although this school year has presented many of us with challenges, we’re all continuing to work through it together, and will be able to reflect on our progress through the new yearbook—which Mackenzie and the rest of the yearbook staff are so ready for their peers to see!