Nicolle Sanchez’s Map to Myths

Savannah Searcy, STAFF WRITER

   This year, PPCHS has seventeen Literary Fair winners to represent our school in the 2020-21 Broward County Literary Fair!

   One of these winners is junior Nicolle Sanchez, the winner of the myth category.

   Nicolle enjoys writing, especially when it means she gets to write freely.

   “Being able to express oneself through simple words amazes me! I love taking it into effect when I have the time, and when it’s necessary to express how much something means to me, or sometimes just for others to enjoy,” Nicolle says.

   Sanchez has always leaned towards fictional literature, and particularly enjoys reading myths, making her enter the myth category.

   When writing her myth, Nicolle says that she focused on her personal interests.

   “I enjoy reading up on all types of mythology,” Sanchez says. “Due to my interest, I thought of creating my own gods of sorts that related to the 21st century and created a lesson through the short story of these gods.”

   When asked her feelings about winning a section of the Literary Fair, Sanchez says that it was the last thing she would’ve expected.

   “I didn’t anticipate my win and I didn’t write the story to be the best or to win, I mostly just had fun with it. When I found out I won I was surprised and proud of myself.”

   Overall, Nicolle Sanchez had a lot of fun writing her winning piece for the Literary Fair, and will be representing PPCHS in this year’s Broward County Literary Fair. Congrats, Nicolle!