Victoria Writes Her Way to Victory

Savannah Searcy, Staff Writer

   This year, PPCHS is home to seventeen Literary Fair winners! These winners will represent PPCHS in the 2020-21 Broward County Literary Fair.

   Among these winners is Victoria Torres, a junior who won the villanelle category of the Literary Fair.

   Victoria views writing as a way to express your thoughts in different forms. “There are no restrictions on what you can or cannot write,” Torres says.

   Victoria was motivated to enter the Literary Fair once aware that for every submission you entered, you would get volunteer hours. Her pre-existing love for writing combined with receiving volunteer hours was the perfect opportunity.

   Torres states that the simplicity of a villanelle led her to enter a poem for that section. “Many different poetic forms are complicated, but villanelles aren’t,” Victoria says.

   When crafting her poem, Victoria initially struggled choosing a topic, but knew that she wanted it to be meaningful, leading her poem to become about online school.

   “I thought about what we go through everyday, my observations on Zoom, and how we personally feel about it,” said Torres.

   Victoria mentions that she was surprised when her poem won.

   “I didn’t think my poem was very good. I know there are some incredible writers that go to our school, so winning a part of our school’s Literary Fair was shocking.”

   Although she had a few doubts, Victoria’s villanelle she entered into the Literary Fair succeeded. She is now one of the winners representing PPCHS in the 2020-21 Broward County Literary Fair. Congrats Victoria!