Kamala Harris Brings Hope to the New Generation

Savannah Searcy, STAFF WRITER

     As of January of this year, Kamala Harris has become the 49th vice president of the United States alongside Joe Biden, who is now our 46th president of the United States.

   Kamala Harris’s success in becoming the vice president of the United States serves to be an extremely important moment for the young people of the future. As the first woman to hold the position of vice president, along with being the first woman of color to hold this position at that, Kamala Harris gives hope to the young people of this generation, and for me, gives hope to the young women of color.

   Since the beginning of her nomination for vice president, Kamala Harris has highlighted and made sure to call attention to her Indian-Jamaican heritage, all while specifically seeking out communities of color.

   As a Black woman myself who also comes from Jamaican heritage, Kamala Harris’s election into office is extremely monumental. Harris’s nomination and election into office paves the way for the new generation of young women, especially young Black women, along with all of our future female leaders out there.

   Despite certain attacks she has faced, such as the continuous and intentional mispronunciation of her name, Harris continues to persevere and be the exceptional public figure for all of the young people, the young women, and the young Black women of this new generation.

   Seeing somebody like Kamala Harris achieve the things she’s achieved really inspires me to believe that as a young Black woman in America, I can do just about anything that I really put my mind to. Seeing that Harris is also of Jamaican descent like me, it pushes me even further to work to pursue all of my dreams and goals, not letting anything stand in the way. It also makes me think that if I wanted to, I could also probably be vice president of the United States one day if I worked towards it.

   Kamala Harris serves as an inspiration to many, and motivates so many young women to be the best version of themselves that they can be, myself included. She has become one of the most important role models in history to women everywhere, and for women of color, makes the possibilities seem endless.