Junior Jaguar Innovates Away Boredom with PC

Camila Escobar, STAFF WRITER

   Charter is known for its students creativity and ingenuity. Even while struggling through the hardships of the pandemic, Charter kids kept in touch with their creative side and let their minds run free. While some decided to start their own businesses, others decided to create their own technology. One such person is junior Andres Álvarez. 

   Combining a need to alleviate boredom and the desire to play video games, Andres decided to create a PC, or personal computer.

   He says “I spent months picking and searching the PC parts, and when I finally got them I was excited and had to put it all together.”

   Creating a computer from scratch is no easy task, but with the help of his father, Andres was able to complete the job. However, once the PC was built and it came time to use it, something completely unexpected happened: it didn’t work.

   After a month of taking the whole thing apart and rebuilding to figure out what was wrong, Andres finally figured it out. 

   He expressed, “What I later found out was that it didn’t work because my monitor was too old. The connection wasn’t compatible with the motherboard.”

   Showing true charter spirit, Andres demonstrated his innovative capabilities by deciding to work with what he had and made the best out of it. To fix his monitor problem, he plugged the HDMI to his TV and has been using that ever since. Andres does say that he plans on buying a new monitor, but that for now, he’s proud of what he’s been able to accomplish without it.