Student Reactions to Inaugural Fashion Trends

Samantha Miragliotta, SMALL COPY EDITOR

   The inauguration was held on the twentieth of January, and since then has brought forth and inspired a variety of very exciting fashion trends. Monochrome clothing,  jewel tones, youthful hair accessories, and old brooches were a recent favorite at the inauguration.

   For example, the color purple was worn by Vice President Kamala Harris, and a jewel-tone topcoat was also included in her look. Purple monochrome clothing is a common look among many former first ladies such as Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Not only has this color been a craze over social platforms and media but accessories like headbands as well. Senior Mackenzie Ahearn expresses that, “[She] thought the fashion at the inauguration was really cool and added an unexpected element to the day. Also, the fashion was definitely with the times and was modern. My favorite part of it was the colors, I really like the bold colors that are not traditionally worn such as pink, purple and blue.” These bold approaches in fashion have sparked the youth of today to try and experience new things in their wardrobe. Particularly, Pembroke Pines Charter high school students have been very enthusiastic about these trends, and have even tried implementing them into their daily outfits. 

   For instance, sophomore Reef Ostendorf says that “As a student who goes to school in uniform, usually my style sense is something along the lines of comfortable and cute. After watching the 2020 inauguration, I was inspired to make a significant change to my wardrobe like trying to wear more fashionable headbands and even wearing jewels to spice up my look.” In these trying times, many students have been able to make light of this situation by designing their own masks, clothing, and even creating a designed business online. 

    It is safe to say that this year’s inauguration set the trends for the next four years. Today fashion is very popular among newer generations. It seems that with every passing year people’s interests in fashion have exponentially grown and have advanced. This presidential inauguration is a prime example of how politicians and the media have impacted the youth with fashion trends for years to come.