The Hope I See in the Vaccine


  I had just finished my 3rd period midterm on December 19th, 2019 when I got a phone call from my mom. In a matter of minutes I was driving as fast as I could to the hospital. Just yesterday I was at dinner with my parents and grandparents. But a few hours later my grandfather was in the hospital fighting for his life. The doctors said he had “pneumonia” and he might need to go on life support. The next three days were rough but thankfully he made it through.

   Three months passed by and all over the news was something called COVID-19. Everyone at school took it as a joke because no one really knew what it was. It wasn’t until everything closed that we began to realize how serious it was, but I already knew.

   The “pneumonia” that almost took my grandfather from me wasn’t pneumonia at all. The sudden onset of symptoms follows the same pattern as corona. It’s safe to assume what my grandfather experienced was COVID-19 in its early stages before anyone knew what it was or how to cure it.

   Many believe it just affects the older population, so why not still go out as we’re teenagers. But it still affects teenagers.

   I was one of the many affected. For a week I didn’t feel like myself. I couldn’t do anything. I was bound to my bed because everything hurt. I thought it’d never end. Luckily, I am ok now.

   Although the sickness passed, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

   So, when the question arises of if I’ll be vaccinated, my answer is yes.

   My grandfather and I weren’t the only ones to be affected, my whole family was. I’ve seen the way the virus affects everyone differently.

   I feel the reason so many people are wary of taking it is because they don’t know what it holds in the future. However, we also don’t know the effects corona could have on our bodies in a few years. Everything revolving around COVID-19 is still fresh and growing, so there is no definite right or wrong answer for which path to follow.

   Everyone should have the choice whether or not to take the vaccine. Personally, I will be taking it because of my experience, but just because I experienced it and view corona this way doesn’t mean everyone else should as well. It’s not right to criticize someone for not taking it. However, everyone should be aware how much COVID-19 not only affects your life, but those around you. 

   Receiving the vaccine isn’t a 100% guarantee of safety, but it’s a bet I’m willing to take. I don’t want to let COVID-19 take away anything else from me.