Resolution Revolutions


Graphic by: Bryan Lara

Sabrina Cruz, STAFF WRITER

“I want to work on bettering myself, get a job and save money for a car, do research on which career I want to study and do for the rest of my life and in college.” – Mia Rossello, junior


“I would like to fix my sleeping schedule, it is horrendous. Boosting my grades is a big one for me, only straight A’s for me. Working on my soccer and cleaning up my schedule, becoming more organized. Cleaning my room is on my list as well.” – Xavier Lewis, sophomore. 


“My New year’s resolutions are to be more confident in the way I look, to get to a point where I don’t care what other people think about me just how I see myself.” – Alina Baajour, sophomore.


“I want to better myself, be more educated about the world around me. Pay better attention to my surroundings and become more creative. Being responsible is a bingo, as well as getting a car and a job. I want to become more independent.” – Emily Somberg, sophomore.


“I feel the need to start working out more, pick up my slack. Aside from that I would cherish my time and the ability to make wonderful memories with my friends and family. I feel like I take them for granted. .” – David Placencia, sophomore. 


“I would like to make healthier food options, cut back on junk food. Spending more quality time with friends and family is a must on my list. I would like to read at least one book a month, I have already made a list of great reads.. Excel in sports and academics, gain more stamina and maybe even join new clubs.” – Andrea Calderon, sophomore.