Winter Weather Finally Arrives in South Florida

Rebecca Lim, Techn Editor

   This week, South Floridians woke up to chilly conditions and clear skies as a cold front passed through — one of the first ones of the season. 


  South Floridians are used to hot and humid weather all-year round, but with everything that 2020 has brought, a refreshing cold front was just what many in the area needed. It was a perfect way to start off the month of December. As students donned blankets in class, and suited up in warm and cozy garments, we had only one question in mind: how long is this weather going to last? 


  More cold fronts are expected in south Florida sooner than later; according to the Miami Herald, at least two cold fronts are expected to arrive sometime this week, with temperatures possibly dipping under the 50s this Wednesday, December 9th. 


  While cold weather receives mixed reactions from Floridians, being inhabitants of a state known for its sunny weather, many people enjoy it, as it helps them get into the holiday spirit. However, there are others that do not like it at all, evident in the fact that Floridians are notorious for not coping with cold weather very well, and instead preferring warm weather year round.  


  For sophomore Jeylah Valdes, the cold weather was a blessing. She expresses, “I love those rare moments when we finally get a cold front, so I get to put on a hoodie and beanie and just be comfortable in the cool weather as it’s such a different experience than our normal, humid days.”

   With cold weather also comes opportunities to do things that simply aren’t possible during the rest of the year, when the humidity outside makes you sticky the moment you walk out the door, and the scorching hot sun is out all day. The months of December, January, and February provide a little bit of coolness. 


   “I really love the cold weather, so naturally I’m excited for the cold front that’s coming. Maybe soon I can do some outdoor activities like going on walks and having a picnic,” shared sophomore Allyson Butler. Another consideration is that, because of Covid, it could be safer to participate in activities outside, rather than doing things like hosting a big holiday movie marathon at home with lots of guests. 


   Whatever you decide to do during the cold fronts, this weather will not last forever, so enjoy it while it lasts!