Christmas Time with the Villanueva Family

Trisha Villanueva, SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR


  If I had to choose the most meaningful gifts I’ve gotten for Christmas over the years, I would say it was the presence of my family.


   Every year, my family makes a group chat, and we send our wish lists there. The gifts range from being practical, to food, to pricier. However, gifts are not what I look forward to every holiday, and although I am thankful for the gifts I receive, I cherish more the company of family and friends.


   On Christmas Eve, we have dinner and wait till 12 am to open presents. During the time after dinner and before 12, a wide variety of events take place: karaoke, card games, and video games. 


   The mic is given to someone in my family and songs in English or Tagalog are sung. Everyone gets a laugh out of the singing, or a loud applause. 


   Card games are played, for example, bs, blackjack, go fish, and mao. These games can last for an hour or two and I genuinely enjoy playing them with my cousins.


   Video games you can never go wrong with to pass time. We play Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros until it’s near 12 am.


   At 12 am, we distribute the gifts to their rightful owners, starting with secret santa. Each one of us describes the family member and the rest waits until we give it to our secret santa. Whoever receives the gift, sits in the middle for everyone to see the gift.


   After secret santa, the rest of the presents are given. We share laughter and smiles, and take pictures. 


   As for this year, I am simply asking that everyone spend Christmas with their loved ones. This year has been hard for everyone, but spending the holidays together alleviates the bad things that occurred this year.


   Happy holidays, everyone!