Alis Henry Works Her Way Through Black Friday

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Savannah Searcy, STAFF WRITER

The holiday season is here, and so is the wild holiday hustle and bustle that most of us are familiar with.


   Along with the holiday season also comes Black Friday, a day known for its great deals, and its wildly crowded and busy stores.


   Usually, as customers, we know what it’s like rushing around stores, trying to snag everything on our lists while hurrying to the cashier counter to purchase our items. But what’s it like being behind that counter?


   For junior Alis Henry, her first time working on Black Friday wasn’t as extreme as she was expecting.


   Alis has been working at Old Navy since July, and has been having a great time so far.


   “It’s actually my first job, and the experience has been tremendous!” Alis says.


   When asked her expectations on working on Black Friday, Henry says she wasn’t sure what to expect.


   “I’ve been Black Friday shopping, but I’ve never bought anything, so all I had were scenes from shows and movies showing how people react to Black Friday,” she states.


   Compared to the TV scenes she’s seen, Alis said that her first experience working on Black Friday wasn’t bad.


   “The outcome was better than I thought,” Henry says, “I’m glad my expectations weren’t met.” “The experience was easy, and a lot better than I thought it would be.” 


   Overall, Alis’s first experience working during Black Friday was a good one. Although she went in with different expectations, “luckily, it worked out all okay,” she says.