‘Tis the Season the Right Way

Sabrina Cruz, STAFF WRITER

   The holiday season is a time of joy and celebrations. We cherish the memories of the holidays passing by. Here are some treats and traditions you can use to prepare for this season.


   Life is about the changes and growth one experiences. Acknowledge this season for what it is, look back on how much you’ve grown, and be so proud you will not look back.  “But, if you find that this year has been a rough one and you don’t anticipate having the best holiday season ever, try not to set yourself up by comparing today with the “good old days.” (CBN) Take advantage of the blessings this holiday season has to offer.


   We can get so stressed when we feel pressured to spend more than we can afford on holiday gifts; but there are ways to save money on gifts. For example, getting creative, through making festive baskets that are cute and cheap. This can help you stay within your budget plan. Senior, Khaira Kure states, “I always make a plan and manage the amount of money I spend. This allows me to be stress-free and acknowledge I bought gifts so I not only can I just receive but also give, it melts my heart every time.” Even the little things matter.


   The holiday season is a time to cherish memories with your loved ones. Always try to make the most out of what you have and be grateful for it. Being with your family and friends is so important and meaningful. When you’re with friends and family you can do a number of things. For example, some like to go out and play tag while others enjoy the cool AC in their living room and play board games. Baking cakes is a big part of holiday celebrations, as well as hanging decorations around the house.  


   To bring the holiday spirit, some watch Hallmark movies for some holiday laughs in cute matching PJ sets. A simple and delicious way to make people smile is to make them a tasty treat. You can bake cookies for friends, family, and neighbors. To make the experience more memorable you can invite close friends and family to join in all the fun.


  Sophomore, Emily Somberg states, “Every holiday season, my family and I prepare for it to be the best time of the year, we make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. We always get together and watch hallmark movies in matching PJ and add a little secret Santa, no grinch around here.” Everyone’s traditions are different. But they all celebrate it in their unique ways.


   Outside of staying home, some like to travel, see families from all over the world. That may be a bit different this year though. Ask yourself a lot of questions before deciding to travel and make sure the proper precautions are taken. That is where creativity comes in, virtual meetings are a way to see your family from a safely distanced perspective. “Zoom has suspended the usual 40-minute limit for all meetings globally from midnight Eastern time November 26 to 6 a.m. Eastern time November 27.” (CNN) This might also be done for other holidays like Christmas and New Years’. It is a way for everyone to stay connected, happy, and healthy.


   The next time Holiday Season is around the corner, look back and remember how different and complicated this one was. How memorable your sugar cookies were or your chocolate fudge. Reading stories to younger children and watching holiday movies. Don’t forget the best part, giving love and spreading joy to others.