The Ugly Side of Parties: COVID Edition

Sabrina Cruz, Staff Writer

Quarantine has not been the easiest for anyone. While some are staying home and being creative, as well as keeping themselves safe, others are breaking the rules of social distancing. This is not the best idea while there is a pandemic amongst us. Many big names have been seen throwing parties or attending them. Celebrities, such as TikTokers, have many young fans. These influencers act as role models and share with them how to stay safe and take the proper precautions. However, attending parties may not be the proper course of actions.


Many have not been happy with their favorite TikTokers and celebrities being seen at huge gatherings. They are giving their fans the wrong impressions. For example, Bryce Hall threw a massive party for his 21st birthday party. “The party spotted with over 100 guests and strippers was reportedly broken up by the LAPD. This was after the city of Los Angeles made it very clear that moving forward they would have a no-tolerance policy for large gatherings” (PAGE SIX). So when TikTok star Bryce Hall did not respond and continued partying, the city of Los Angeles shut off his home’s water and power as his consequence.


It is not just TikToker stars receiving hate but just recently Kim Kardashian was seen throwing a party on a private island with a dozen friends. Her fans weren’t very pleased as they had a lot to say. She swapped social distancing for dancing, bike-riding, and swimming with whales. Here’s what Senior Krystal Cruz had to say about this: “Kim Kardashian has taken her privilege too far, not everyone is able to “act normal” during a pandemic as many loved ones were lost. Although it was a private island, she still could’ve waited for this deadly pandemic to pass.” She could have thrown a Zoom party and kept her and her inner circle out of the risk of catching the virus. This was not the greatest idea.


A birthday celebration held in honor of Hype House member Larray Merritt brought a massive amount of stars from TikTok and YouTube to the group’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Many of these influencers were spotted at this big party, one of them including Tana Mongeau. Twitter was quick to shut her down as a profile stated, “Tana Mongeau and other influencers attended TikToker Larray’s birthday party yesterday. Tana has been going out to different parties every night” (INSIDER). Looks like fans were not happy as there is a deadly pandemic and she was seen maskless in a huge crowd of people.


Charli D’amelio has been seen receiving backlash after she recently attended photographer Bryant Eslava’s birthday party. She was also spotted dining with friends at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills. Junior Mia Rosesello gives his opinion, “I don’t care if she’s regularly being tested. She needs to follow the rules like the rest of us. She is taking her privilege as if she is immune to covid-19 and hanging out without masks and social distancing. She’s a child and she’s not above the rules.” Attending parties puts people at high risk. As many who are being denied getting tested, she is able to do it regularly, showing the privilege she has.


So the next time you think you are above the rest for having “fame,”  remember everyone suffers consequences and hate no matter who they are. You should always focus on yourself and keeping you and your family out of harm’s way. Better safe than sorry.