Stella’s Path to Leadership


   From in school to extracurricular activities, junior Stella Dioguardi has always excelled in the path of leadership and passion. For Stella, her growing path to leadership started her freshman year here at Pines Charter, where she was elected student council president for the Class of 2022. Throughout her first year of being President, Stella was quick to come up with fundraising ideas, events, and other additional aids that allowed the class of 2022 to participate in events held and the creation of their class shirts. 

   After her first year of being class president, Stella decided to run again her sophomore year in order for her to regain the opportunity. Stella ended up being elected for the second time in a row, and she had more to offer that year than before. Her sophomore year, Stella was able to lead the class of 2022 in the path of success and with all of the fundraising she did, alongside the other student council officers, she was able to have a year filled with enjoyable events and activities for the sophomore class. 

   Now, as a junior, Stella has been able to keep her reigning title as class president, for the third year in a row. This year she plans on “holding our 3rd annual bake sale”, which students have loved since the first time, and it has been one of their best fundraisers to date. With restrictions due to COVID-19, Stella has created ways for social distancing to be utilized when holding things such as picking up class shirts from students’ cars. Stella wants to make sure “to hold events [that are] fun but also safe.” As of now, the junior class has teamed up with “Crumbl Cookie” to hold a fundraiser that will be held on December 9th, 2020 from 8AM-10PM, where students are able to go and the money raised will go towards the class of 2022. “Funds like these will be mostly used towards events such as Prom, Grad Bash, and other milestone events” expresses Stella. 

   For the class of 2022, having a hardworking and dedicated President allows for amazing things to get done, and events to be planned and put into place. And with Stella being the President for three years in a row and counting, events that have already occurred and those slated for the future have done just that.