Perfecting The Prowler


Graphic by: Henry Severe

Maxine Martinez, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF

  How does one encapsulate the entirety of a school year in one book? 


   The Prowler yearbook staff has been answering that question for almost more than two decades, and each one of these publications is more impressive than the last – what with new technology, resources, and creative minds. 


   While each book comes with its own challenges, it’s safe to say that the 2020-’21 staff is facing Charter’s toughest year yet. Not only are they forging against the common challenge of training new staff members and planning a cohesive yearbook, but they are doing so in the middle of a global pandemic, during which most of the most obvious yearbook content has been reduced and their resources have been limited. 


   Leading the way is The Prowler’s editor-in-chief, Mackenzie Ahearn. The senior has been on the staff since sophomore year and evidence of her hard work and dedication is displayed when looking at her impressive movement up the ranks. She has been tasked with not only leading a class through her computer screen but organizing a yearbook that is being made mainly by students at home. 


   While Ahearn herself has decided to go back to school in person – a decision she comments she made to separate school and home life – she was the only one to do so. The rest of her staff is spread around the city, each one with different experience levels, responsibility, and resources. Yet despite all that, she and the rest of the staff prevail. 


   Ahearn discloses that it has been difficult to get pictures and quotes from students, due to inability to pull them out of classes or catch them in the halls, an idea that other staff members agree with, including senior and photo editor Khaira Kure. However, Kure commented that they are “getting more students featured than we have in past years.” 


   Kure also expressed the difficulties of being at home and away from other staff members. “I’ve been leading my section by keeping in close contact with them,” she expressed when asked how she combats the separation. She is also sending “weekly messages and reminders about upcoming deadlines as well as events to which we need to assign photographers.”  


  Molly Masson, the Prowler’s layout editor and a junior, is facing similar issues but comments “leading my section hasn’t been too challenging so far. In the beginning it was difficult to teach everyone the new programs but now everyone has improved so significantly that I am super proud of the layouts and skills I have been seeing.”


   “People know about the yearbook,” said Mackenzie Ahearn, a fact which is highlighted when considering their impressive sales thus far. While the beginning may have been slow due as many were unaware if the publication would be able to happen this year. Social media and as always sales and other promotional aspects made it clear that The Prowler staff was not going to stop. 


   Despite this school year not taking place in the beloved walls of PPCHS, there is still much to cover and include in the yearbook. “Each book is different in their own way, and no one is better than the last, they just emphasize different things. So last year’s book put a lot of emphasis on the school being opened for 20 years and this year’s book will put a lot of emphasis on what we’ve all gone through and how we’re coping. It’s gonna be really cool in its own way,” said Ahearn. 


  Molly is also positive about this year’s book, saying “we have found new content and coverage. While some pages may be different, the book this year is something all of us are proud of.”


   As each day brings the end of the school year closer and closer, the end result also becomes more tangible. While the staff can’t disclose any themes or information that the book is going to cover, it’s safe to say that it’s going to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and the stories inside are going to be as important as ever. You’re going to want to make sure to buy one before the final sale day on December 3rd!