Jeinily Bencon: Photographing Stories to Life


Donated by: Jeinily Bencon

Savannah Searcy, STAFF WRITER

   “Extra! Extra! The CHAT has done it again!” It’s been a while since we’ve sat in our homeroom class, hearing those words blast through the speakers during the morning announcements.


   However, the restrictions we’re facing due to COVID-19 hasn’t stopped your newspaper staff from writing, and more so, hasn’t stopped your digital class from designing.


   Junior Jeinily Bencon is the photo editor for the digital class, and plays a major role both there, and for the newspaper as well.


   As photo editor, Jeinily is in charge of the images that go with each story written by the newspaper staff. “I go through each photo that is turned in by my photographers and review them before sending them towards the website,” Jeinily says.


   Bencon also enjoys encouraging her photographers’ creativity through challenges, such as “Photos of the Week,” where Jeinily’s photographers are given the same theme for a picture, and the best two photos are chosen for the website.


   In her first year as photo editor, Jeinily loves sharing ideas with her photographers, and seeing them “grow artistically” with their photography. However, one thing that’s difficult for Jeinily is communication.


   “I didn’t expect my first year as photo editor to be online. However, all of my photographers are truly the best, and communicating online is slowly becoming easier,” she states.


   Overall, Jeinily works hard with her photographers to create the best images to pair with stories. Seeing the website come together afterwards is definitely her favorite part of the job, making it all worthwhile.


Image by: Jeinily Bencon