Halloween with a Twist

Camila Escobar, STAFF WRITER

   It’s no question that COVID-19 has posed many challenges for students this year. However, this pandemic has brought out the creative sides of many people and has forced them to take a new spin on practically everything, including Halloween. Sophia Thonis is just one example of a girl who is giving Halloween a creative twist for her and her friends. 


   A lot of planning and effort has gone in the makings of Sophia’s event. Even though it is only for her four friends she hopes that “everyone can take a minute and forget we are in a pandemic and just have fun even if it is different.” She plans on starting her fun filled night, surprisingly, in the afternoon. She says, “I’m going to pick everyone up and head to Publix so we can get the ingredients of all the Halloween-themed treats we are going to make!” As the treats are being made, Sophia plans on watching every Halloween episode from every Disney show ever made and even some movies as well. 


   The fun does not stop there because as the night continues, movies will eventually turn into songs. She states, “I’m actually really interested in how this is going to go because I was able to borrow a karaoke machine from my aunt, and everyone is going to get to sing. What they don’t know yet though, is that each song will have to be a Halloween song.” Finally, a special idea inspired by TikTok will be just the activity to end the night on a comedic note. Sophia feels “it’s going to be hilarious, everyone is going to choose two ideas for a slideshow and then present them to the group, and at the end we will each rate our favorites.” 


   Sophia has truly proven that you don’t need to trick or treat to have fun. Some quality time with a few close friends and a scary detailed itinerary is enough to have an extraordinary Halloween.