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October 30, 2020

Ariana Grande’s Move into the White House


Ariana Grande gave her fans a sneak peak of her upcoming album Positions through the release of her lead single and title track “Positions.” The song dropped alongside a music video with an empowering message for women, and it was flirtatious as well. It did this through political elements as she was seen walking around the White House as president, followed by her mainly female and diverse cabinet. Junior Kristen Brown explained her admiration for Ariana Grande’s empowerment of women: “I’ve always loved Ariana Grande since I was little for her acting and songs, but as I got older I finally began to see her entire essence. She’s someone who’s motivated, hard-working, and constantly finding ways to empower one another. She’s a true role model.” The album is meant to drop four days before elections, so will the entirety of the album be similar to “Positions” in its political and empowering ways? 


It’s Official: Tom Holland is Swinging Back Onto the Big Screens


Fans of Tom Holland know his speciality isn’t in keeping secrets, even when they’re confidential… This past Sunday, October 25, he posted an Instagram Stories video and stated “OK, so we just landed in Atlanta, and it’s time for Spider-Man 3!” This was the confirmation fans needed after the release of Homecoming in 2017 and Far From Home in 2021. Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie doesn’t have an official title, it’s claimed to come out December 17 of 2021 (cnet.com). Many adored characters are returning, such as Zendadaya as MJ, Marisa Tomei as May Parker, Jacob Batalon as Ned and Tony Revolori as Flash Thomspon. Any new updates or potential changes are bound to accidentally slip from Tom Holland, but for now fans are waiting anticipating for any new news.


Watch Out Shoe World, Here Comes Bad Bunny


Not even that long after Bad Bunny’s release of his new glow-in-the-dark Crocs, he made more footwear for peoples shoes closets. Rumors have recently been circulating that he is collaborating with Adidas to create a pair of sneakers, believed to be available Spring or Summer 2021. Adidas has been reached out to for comments on the possible partnership, however no reply or confirmation has been received (Remezcla). Nonetheless, this possible collaboration will be a hit. Sophomore Elisa Ortuzar stated, “I waited in a virtual line for the Crocs and I swear I was about to get them, but I really didn’t. I tried looking online for resales but they were all sizes too big and triple the price.” His collaboration with Crocs was an instant sell out, with the shoes being sold for $60 nad resold for over $200. Time can only tell what Bad Bunny has in store for his fans.


Batman’s Techy Return


The DC Universe went in a different direction for the upcoming Batman movie to capture a new generation of fans. Robert Pattinson will be playing the billionaire socialite Bruce Wayne, taking down the criminals and super villains of Gotham City. The first trailer was released during the summer giving fans the first close look of Batman fighting his rival, the Riddler. However, there’s been some bumps in the road for production as it was right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Robert Pattinson tested positive for COVID-19, leading to him being isolated and pushed back production. Along with this, real locations were going to be filmed prior to the pandemic, but instead the team is using cutting-edge technology to create similar effects. Initially, it was to be released June 25th 2021, but it was pushed back to March 4th 2022. Fans are anticipating no further setbacks and to see what comes for the past challenges.


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