New Ways to Scream Out Loud

October 30, 2020

   It’s time for the annual spooky season. Celebrated on October 31, Halloween invites individuals to dress up in costumes and go trick or treating, or even participate in activities like carving pumpkins and apple bobbing. But this year may be a bit different. Due to COVID-19, people have been required to take many safety precautions but that doesn’t mean we can’t still keep the spooky spirit alive. It’s time to get creative.

   Halloween is one of the best times of the year, but not without haunted houses to tie it all together. Some annual haunted houses have been canceled and others have made changes to protect the public from COVID-19. For example, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is hosting their event, Howl-O-Scream. They will have no haunted houses, but instead 10 open-air scare zones to keep guests entertained.


   Despite all the changes 2020 has brought to us, people have been getting creative. For example, drive-through haunted houses.  “The concept: You stay in your car and cruise through pumpkin-filled lands of tombstones and candy for roughly 25 minutes. Typically, entry is one ticket per vehicle. You aren’t allowed to get out of your seat unless it’s to pop your head through a sunroof for a photo-op. Masks are required if you keep your windows down” (USA Today). Not only will you get the chilling haunting experience, but it will be in the comfort of your car.


   Places like Ohio and Christiansburg have even hosted their own car wash. Very ingenious and beneficial for those in need of a cleaning and it adds a spin. While getting your car cleaned you gain a thrill like creepy clowns staring through your windshield, sounds like a blast if you ask me. Sophomore Mia Hernandez says, “The idea of it seems so exciting, no worries about safety requirements, you can just sit back and enjoy the small scares. I even saw you get a goodie bag in the end, so cute.” When the cleaning is done, you will drive through an area filled with animatronics and actors in costume, followed by any actors roaming around the property.


   Making our way to Universal Studios Florida, the Halloween experience thrives when you can scream at two haunted houses, wear spooky costumes, and go trick-or-treating at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. They are also hosting a live show. “In this outrageous live show, you’ll watch how top make-up and special effects artists craft creepy characters. Featuring movie clips, props, and interactive demonstrations, this experience offers fascinatingly funny insight into the moviemaking process” (UOR). This is a perfect way to keep the fright and give others a sneak peek about what goes on behind the scenes. 


   The next time you visit a haunted attraction, think about how different everything is and what 2020 has given us. Halloween might be a bit more this year, everyone is trying to make the most out of it. Watch where you’re going or you might run into a freaky clown and the ghosts may follow you home.

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