Politics “Trump” Science


Photo Source: https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-07-13/white-house-turns-on-fauci-as-trump-minimizes-virus-spike

Daniel Morrison, STAFF WRITER

 In the battle between politics and science, politics looks to be a more significant and a driving force behind decision making than science itself. 


   Scientists, as we know, are intelligent, insightful, and credible people, however they do not know the answer to every question. With serious contagions such as COVID-19, it is hard to address problems and form solutions quickly. It can be done, but maybe not as fast as politicians may want. 


   While in office, U.S. presidents have utilized ongoing issues in America to obtain political gain. Coronavirus is one of the most major topics in today’s world and as Election Day has gotten closer and closer, candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump have been frequently using it to sway voters in their direction.


   Donald Trump, however, has seemingly been contradicting Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, and his statements associated with the virus. To exemplify, Trump called him a “disaster” and his team of experts “idiots.” Moreover, Trump went back on the campaign trail before isolating for the 14 days the CDC recommends after contraction with the virus (Associated Press).


   Additionally, Trump was seen not wearing a mask at his rallies as well as packing locations at hazardous capacities. 

   Of course, earning votes from Americans is a top priority for the president, but addressing the virus distinctly and encouraging more people to follow the safety protocols is just as, if not more, critical. 


   It is now more important than ever to look to science; cases of coronavirus are climbing again and with the flu virus arriving at full force this winter, things can get fatal. Major politicians are influential and people replicate their actions and go along with their beliefs. For instance, President Trump informed Americans that injecting themselves with or drinking bleach would cure the virus. Some people listened and developed health problems as a result (BBC). But with the facts about coronavirus conveyed transparently, a greater amount of lives will be saved up to this election and in the months leading up to the new year.


   Without a doubt, America is immensely split on what they believe and who they look up to. It is essential during these unpredictable and difficult times that we come together, that we unite. This is, of course, easier said than done but both the field of science and politics can achieve this.


   There should not be a battle on which to trust but a collective desire to respect them both.