Students’ Expectations for Second Quarter

Trisha Villanueva, STAFF WRITER

“My expectations for the second quarter are optimistic but have hints of concern. Since we are progressing in the school year, the curriculum can intensify, leading for more work and studying. Although it can be similar to the first quarter, which was relatively smooth, considering most of the school is still entirely online. I have high hopes for continuing to attend club meetings and getting the most out of my high school experience.” -Samantha Cayouette, freshman


“This quarter I feel that it’ll be like a break from reality in a way because of all the holidays and days off we get. It’ll be nice to still be in school but the load won’t be as heavy as before. -Kimberly Navarro, freshman


“To not cry over an assignment at 11:59:58.” -Daniella Milian, freshman


“I would hope online school can continue functioning in a way that’s efficient for both teachers and students.  For those that returned to school I hope they stay safe and are careful.” -Shane Wooden, sophomore 


“First quarter was pretty smooth so I’d expect it to be about the same as the first quarter.” -Daniel Botero, sophomore


“Since I’m taking the SAT in December,  I hope to do well in it while still being able to do well in my online classes.” -Julian Villarta, junior


“I’m hoping it will be easier in the 2nd quarter as we’re getting more adjusted to online school. In the beginning it was hard for both teachers and students, but slowly we’re getting used to it.” -Estefania Jimenez, junior


“As most students are choosing to stay home and teachers now have experience from the first quarter, I feel that this next part of the year will be similar to the first, if not more refined. Both teachers and students are more used to the technology, workload and pacing. However, with the application deadlines for college quickly approaching, I’m sure most seniors are worried about how to find time on top of classes to finalize their applications.” -Sydni Peters, senior 


“Now that teachers and some students are back at campus, I feel things might get a bit more complicated. Teachers have to teach for two different audiences, which takes some time to adapt to considering that these teachers are all wearing masks, and it becomes harder to understand them at times. Although it is frustrating to be still learning from home, I am getting more used to online learning, and I think this quarter will be very similar to the first quarter.” -Isabelle Gonzalez, senior