Kaylee Talbert’s Return to Campus

Donated by: Kaylee Talbert

Donated by: Kaylee Talbert

Savannah Searcy, STAFF WRITER

 This month, students made their long awaited return to their beloved PPCHS campus. Well, at least some students did. Senior Kaylee Talbert was one of the few Jags who made their return to campus within these past two weeks.


   While doing online class at home, Kaylee realized she wasn’t paying much attention during her Zoom classes. In response, her grades were dropping, “so [she] personally made the decision to come back and learn properly.”


   When asked her feelings about returning to campus, Talbert says she was super excited. “I really missed it. I missed dancing in front of a mirror with open space, and I just like the feel of a classroom”.


   Despite her anticipation to get back into dance class, upon her return, Talbert was not looking forward to lunch. “I miss having food delivered to my house,” Kaylee says, “It’s also been pretty lonely.”


   “We can’t really talk to anyone because we have to stay so far apart from each other,” she says. “Also, not many people I know are there, and I didn’t like the fact that we can’t eat any snacks. If we’re on opposite sides of the classroom it should be okay, right?”


   Overall, Kaylee believes returning to school was a good choice. “I’m more focused, and I’m learning and comprehending the material a lot better,” says Talbert.


   Kaylee would like everyone to know that she really recommends coming back to campus: “For anyone struggling during online school, trust me, your grades will thank you!”