Vote 2020: Charter Gen Z Edition

Photo by: Tiffany Tertipes

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Savannah Searcy, STAFF WRITER

   This year, some seniors will be getting the chance to make a change. With polls opening soon, some lucky Jags will soon have their voices heard through their vote.


   Caitlyn Cabrera and Brandon Nahabetian are two seniors that are going to be voting this year. The difference is, Caitlyn plans on voting for Joe Biden, while Brandon plans on voting for Donald Trump.


For Biden:

   Caitlyn Cabrera is turning eighteen on October 10th, and can’t wait to get her vote out there. “I feel powerful,” Caitlyn says, “I’m excited to be able to voice my opinion and have it be heard.”

   As a senior and a soon to be college student, Cabrera feels that one of the biggest factors holding her back is the cost of education.

   “You can either choose to go to a ‘respectable’ university and suffer the financial consequences, or go to a less respectable and less competitive university and be financially stable.” By voting for Biden, Caitlyn feels that his concern for the people will really help her out.

   Caitlyn also believes that by putting in a vote for Biden, she would be voting for racial tensions to be pacified.

   “I know Trump’s slogan is to ‘Make America Great Again,’ but it’s difficult to see our country as anywhere near great when, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, people are still being targeted and threatened for the color of their skin, their country of origin, their religion, and their gender and sexual orientation,” Cabrera states. “I refuse to believe that we live in a country with ‘liberty and justice for all’ when our justice system highlights the racial injustices of our country.”

Donated by: Caitlyn Cabrera

For Trump:

   Brandon Nahabetian is also extremely excited to vote. Brandon turns eighteen on October 29th, and has been registered to vote since March. “I’ve been wanting to [vote] for a long while!” he says, “It’s the best way to bring your voice to the public grounds and be able to have a say in what goes on today.”

   For Brandon Nahabetian, he feels that Donald Trump has done a lot for our country in the past three years compared to any previous president.

   “I plan on voting for Trump mainly because of who he is as a person and what he actually has done for everyone and our economy,” says Brandon.

   “He’s not only fixed many issues within the government, but he’s also lowered taxes, freed many who were falsely jailed and incarcerated, provided millions for funding on low income communities, and so much more,” Nahabetian says, “People make him seem like such a terrible person, when more than half of the time, it’s just lies that they hear and repeat.”

Donated by: Brandon Nahabetian

   With election day approaching, Caitlyn wants everybody to know that you should go out and vote if you can! Brandon would also like for everyone to make sure they are carefully doing their research before they decide to form an opinion.

   Both Caitlyn and Brandon cannot wait to get their votes out and have their voices heard. Even though they are taking different routes, it’s amazing how they’re choosing to make an impact on our country and futures!