Our Fabulous Freshmen President!

Daniel Morrison, STAFF WRITER

  New year, new president!


   For the class of 2024, that is Anaya Andre. She expresses her honor in representing 9th grade students by saying, “It’s such a privilege to be the president of an outstanding class.”


   Born on March 3rd, 2006 with the natural desire to assist others, Anaya promises to make this year an exciting and enjoyable one during these difficult times. She wants students to know that they come first, that they MATTER. 


   Anaya has always been this way. She is a well rounded student that is involved in numerous activities, from tennis to performing arts. She does that by being dedicated, and now that her focus is on serving the Class of 24’, she is fixated on making this year a special one. 


  What makes her stand out from the other candidates is the amount of experience she has gathered in the past. Anaya has been in student government for three years now and was the 8th grade president last year for Central Campus Middle School. This time around, her duties have expanded to accommodate the entire student body in 9th grade. She believes she has what it takes to be our president and represent the Class of 24’ the best way possible. We can thank Anaya’s creativity and tenacity for that. She knows COVID-19 won’t stop her from planning safe and fun events, such as fundraisers, or anything that benefits students as a whole.


   She loves to make the world a better place and it has always been this way since the start of her life in Boca Raton. Now in Pembroke Pines, she continues to volunteer and express herself through the gift of her voice. Anaya will take these qualities and put them to work in shaping Class of 24’.


   She will strive to do her best as president to make this school year unforgettable, despite the ramifications of coronavirus.