Comebacks and Come Ups

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Adam Abougendia, STAFF WRITER

  Friday October 2nd was a day all music fans were waiting on for a long time. A day when new and exciting music drops is the best thing for any music fan to experience. On Friday that is exactly what happened when two of the most anticipated albums were released by two artists, who some fans may say are “the goats” of their genre…


  The first album to come out was 21 Savage’s “Savage Mode II”: this album was a collaborative effort with big-time producer, Metro Boomin. This was a long overdue sequel to their first collaboration in 2016, “Savage Mode.” That album was a huge success including bangers like “No Heart” or “X,” which features one of the greatest artists in the rap game, Future. This new album was bound to be as good, if not better than its predecessor. At midnight the album was released and to everyone’s surprise, Savage and Metro had put star award winning actor Morgan Freeman on numerous songs and allowed him to narrate the album. In addition to Morgan, Metro and Savage managed to obtain features from some of the biggest names in rap, such as Drake and Young Thug. 


  Senior Matthew Gordon, who is a music fan of all genres expressed, “I was really excited when I heard that 21 was dropping the second Savage Mode, he’s one of my favorite artists right now and when I had heard about all the features, I got really hyped up, and Morgan Freeman gave this album a nice home-style feeling too.” Right now, within 4 days of release, Savage Mode II is already a top 3 trending album world-wide. 


  The other long anticipated album that was released Friday was by Bryson Tiller. This album has been waited on for months by all his fans since his last two album released, “Trapsoul” in 2015, and “True to Self” in 2017. This album was highly anticipated by R&B and soul fans across America. The album was named “A N N I V E R S AR Y,” as a tribute to his first album that put him on the map, “Trapsoul.” That album featured classics like the hit songs “Don’t” and “Exchange.” Some say this album had more hype than 21 Savage’s album. 


  Bryson Tiller fan and sophomore Laila Lafayette stated, “Before the album was announced by Bryson, I had been just listening to all his old stuff, which are all classic but I wanted something different and new to listen to by him. Once the album was released I got so excited and happy because it was exactly what I had wanted from him and the album was definitely worth the hype.” Tiller also obtained a feature by Drake in his song “Outta Time,” along with numerous Byson Tiller classics. Similar to 21 and Metro’s album, Tiller’s album is also trending in the top 3 in the world on all charts. 


  It’s safe to say Friday the 2nd was a good day for the music world. In addition to those two stars dropping music, up and coming star, Giveon dropped an EP for all the R&B lovers to go along with Tiller and 21’s album. Music listeners were definitely feeling different emotions after all of Friday’s releases.