Amplifying Body Positivity!

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Isabella Chavez, COLUMNIST


It feels as though in today’s society, we are persistently told to be anything else than what we already are. Sometimes you may hear someone saying the typical phrase, “You’re way too skinny!” Or, “You need to gain more weight!” Maybe sometimes you’ll hear, “You’re too fat! Lose weight.” Sadly, many individuals are senselessly attacked on their body image and these are just a few of the countless comments they receive daily.


   The term “Body Positivity” dives into the realm of learning how to accept and love the body that you were born into regardless of your weight, height, skin color, etc. Personally, I will always live by the fact that every single person in this world is glamorously different from one another. These “differences” are what make us all beautifully unique.


Now one thing that I’ve noticed regularly occurring that simply does NOT sit right with me is the fact that in many cases, people with stretch marks, cellulite, scars, or skin conditions are forced to endure an oppressive society that makes it seem as though these features are “flaws.” However, it’s pivotal to comprehend that these features don’t make anyone any less “beautiful.” 


   Sadly, many people indeed will unfortunately come across rude and demeaning remarks and statements. Now, the length of these statements always varies, but one thing is for certain. The persecutor, otherwise known as the “bully” in these scenarios almost always makes these comments with negative intentions. Suicide, intentional harm, lack of confidence, and even depression can be triggered when someone constantly has to hear these types of impolite phrases made against them. Hence why it’s extremely essential to treat others with the same respect and kindness that you’d want to receive.


   You never truly know what someone is going through. Something as tiny as a quick compliment can positively change how one’s day may be going. Luckily, body positivity can act as this compliment! Encouraging someone else to be the best version of themselves is always an amazing effort to make. The feeling of knowing that someone is happy with themselves is one of the greatest accomplishments for anyone.


   So, regardless of how society or pop culture may influence you on how your body should be, at the end of the day it’s always your choice. It’s your path, and we are all here rooting for you! These meaningless stereotypes of how there is supposed to be an ideal shape, size, or weight to fit a beauty standard, need to be ignored. You don’t have to force yourself to fall into bad habits just to achieve “beauty.” You are already beautiful just the way you are!


   Body positivity promotes a safer, healthier, and more comfortable relationship between you and your body. A relationship where you don’t have to feel constantly pressured to fit society’s standards. Always remember, you are unique and that’s what makes YOU stand out. Keep loving yourself and your body! Keep being you always and forever!

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