SGA’s First Event of the Year: College Admissions Alumni Program


  The pandemic has put quite a damper on this school year already, resulting in a slew of cancellations including football games and annual homecoming activities. PPCHS SGA, usually tasked with the planning of the homecoming events, has had to get creative with the events hosted this year. Nevertheless, SGA, with the help of the advisor, Mr. Curry, has their first event slated for October 13-15. 

  The class of 2021 has arguably been most hindered with the pandemic. With the beginning of their senior year in ruin, and their future uncertain, SGA partnered with administrators to come up with the College Admissions Alumni Program. 

  The committee head of this project, Amaya John, was given the opportunity at the start of the year. The SGA senior veteran says, “The purpose of this event is to help the class of 2021 navigate the college application process. Since we can’t exactly walk into Mrs. Fernandez or Mrs. Perez’s offices anymore, it’s a great way to answer any questions.” Additionally, the event will feature alumni from PPCHS that can give advice about college life. 

  The College Admissions Alumni Program will take place October 13-15 on Zoom, and the links are to be sent at a later date. Understandably so, this event is only allowed for seniors to participate in. To register for the event, please visit this link:


On behalf of SGA, we hope to see you there!