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Charter Responds: IOS 14 Quoteboard

October 2, 2020


How did you use the new IOS 14 update to show off your creativity? What was your inspiration for the widgets and overall theme? How long did it take you to make it? Can I get a picture of your home screen (and any other you want to share) along with a photo of you? 

“I was able to personalize it to my own liking. For example I put celebrities I love and music I’m into. This update allowed me to be able to show off my favorite people and things. In total it took me like 3 days bc I had to make each individual icon. I wanted a cool/ warm tone to make it like a chill vibe.”   – Britain Katz, sophomore










“I used it to make my home screen “aesthetic.” I had a lot of inspiration from people on tik tok posting what theirs looked like. It took a long time because I had to find all the pictures I wanted to use. I never actually finished. I only did one page so it took me around 30 minutes.”     

Adriana Arteaga, senior

“I was very excited when the new update came out because I saw everyone making their home screens super cute. I wanted to do my theme as something I loved and something I knew a lot of people wouldn’t do. I made mine based off a tv show called vampire diaries and I love the way it came out. It took me almost 4 hours to complete it, but it was definitely worth – Fallon Katz, senior











“The IOS 14 update was honestly pretty exciting because you got to see everyone’s ideal home screen and their interests and values too. My inspiration was basically to put my favorite artists and my friends and family there so it’s a friendly reminder whenever i open my phone that I have people that love me and people i can talk to whenever I need them. I didn’t put much effort as a lot of people tho so it took like 30 minutes”

– Kara Warren, freshman 

“I used the new IOS 14 update to express my creativity by making its aesthetic very catered to my own. I really like the color pink and I think I tried to make my home screen as aesthetically pleasing for myself. I agree I made it a bit over the top but I like the somewhat controlled chaos. My inspiration for the overall theme was really just the color pink; I wanted to make it really girly and cute and I think I succeeded. The widgets were just some additions of pictures I really like and match the set up. In all honesty it took me probably 2 and a half hours to make it because changing the faces of the apps and figuring out how to add all the cool things takes a while.”

– Isabella Rodriguez, junior

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